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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 6, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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>> a u.s. capital police officer was rushed to the hospital after being hit by a car about 8:30 in the 200 block of hass mass
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avenue in northeast. we're told theofficer was hit while redirecting another vehicle. there's no word yet on the officer's condition. the scene has just been cleared. so far, no charges file. also tonight, a metro bus driver was taped while he appears to be reading a newspaper while behind the wheel. the transit agency says it is investigating. some riders are upset the about that. shomari stone now with the cell phone video. >> reporter: well, that metro bus driver was around the dupont circle route right around here. all of a sudden passengers say he pulled out a metro -- a newspaper like this one here, started reading it, and many of them tell me they're concerned. >> 31st street. >> reporter: disturbing video posted today on a blog catches a d.c. metro bus driver holding a newspaper in one hand, the steering wheel in another sometime during rush hour over
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the last two weeks. we showed it to a metro rider. >> that's a safety violation! come on, metro, do your job. check into your drivers and figure out what's going on. >> reporter: the passenger who posted the video claims the driver was reading the paper for a long stretch of the route while the bus was in motion. >> distracted because you're reading the newspaper. it's like you're pitting yourself in danger, putting your passengers in danger. >> reporter: in all fairness, we don't know if the driver was actually reading a paper. i called metro officials. they tell me they're going to investigate. >> that's dangerous. >> reporter: john townsend is a spokesperson for aaa. what's your reaction when you see this video? >> it's shocking, and he has to be reprimanded if he is indeed reading while driving because at that's driver inattentn and you're driving a metro bus and you're responsible for the lives and limbs of everyone on that bus and pedestrians and cars and
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everyone else on the road. >> reporter: now, the person who shot the video says that he complained and he commends, applauds metro for taking this seriously. live in northwest d.c. along dupont circle, i'm shomari stone, news4. >> tonight p, metro's general manager is talking about a deadly attack at the woodley park station. he says riders should not worry about safety even though there's no way to completely prevent crime. this is the first time richard sarls, not him there, has talked publicly about the stabbing that killed an 18-year-old last month. several teenagers have been charged. sarl says metro officers used surveillance cameras to see the incident and they responded within minutes. tonight there's a warning about crime at george washington university. police say there were five burglaries in four different dorm rooms at the ivory towers today. so far no arrests but investigators do have two surveillance pictures of the female suspects in all of the
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cases the suspects were able to get inside the room through an unlocked door and they took off with laptop computers. there is also extra security at george washington university tonight, an extra officer stationed inside rice hall after an employee says a man attacked had her in the bathroom there. it happened tuesday night. the woman says a masked man tried to sexually assault her, but she as able to fight him off. rice hall is an administrative building. security officials say the suspect had to use a special car card to get inside the building. now to an unusual case of road rage. a bicyclist angry about being cut off in traffic took matters into his own hands and stabbed a driver. that attack happened last night off massachusetts avenue in northwest d.c. jackie benson has the story. >> reporter: this was a violent confrontation. the 28-year-old motorist is expected to survive his injuries. police are searching for the
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bike rider. d.c. police officers were called to the 1600 block of massachusetts avenue northwest scott circle about 10:20 p.m. wednesday for a report of a stabbing. witnesses told investigators that a bicyclist apparently upset about being cut off struck the driver's side mirror of a smart car with a head bike lock. according to the police report, the driver then got out of the car and said, why did you do that? that's when it escalated into a fight which ended, according to witnesses, when the bicyclist stabbed the driver in the ribs, then fled the scene. more bikes and cars are sharing the road than ever before in the district, and it can at times make for uneasy coexistence. gregory building with the washington area bicyclist association says it's important for both motorists and bike riders to observe the rules of the road. he notes that the time of year when the days are the shortest are the most hazardous.
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>> the time change is an important time to take a few extra minutes, look around, making sure if you're crossing bike lanes, crosswalks, you're looking for everybody. everybody is just trying to get home safely. >> reporter: the bicyclist involved, the victim says is a white man in his 20s or early 30s faces charges of aggravated assault and destruction of property. reporting from northwest washington, jackie benson, news4. president obama is holding firm tonight on his proposal to avert what they're calltion the fiscal cliff. earlier today the president met with a family in fairfax county struggles of the middle class. mr. obama sat down with tiffany and richard santana. they're living with tiffany's parents in their effort to make ends meet. tiffany wrote to the white house about how across the board tax hikes would affect them. she did not expect a personal visit, though, from the president. >> so overwhelming to know that the leader of the free world is
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sitting at your kitchen table. being more like a $4,000 tax increase for us, which would be relatively devastating for our family. >> republicans are refusing any deal that raises taxes. the president says he'll only sign a deal that raises taxes on the wealthiest 2%. there is a newest mat tonight on the cleanup costs from superstorm sandy. new jersey's governor chris christie says the storm caused $37 billion in damages to his state alone. today he made the rounds at the white house and on capitol hill. he's asking lawmakers for an additional $88$83 billion in zafltzaflt disaster aid for his state and new york and connecticut. tonight dozens of couples are officially to tie the knot in maryland. governor martin o'malley signed the referendum on same-sex marriage into law. this was the first day gay and lesbian couples could pick up marriage licenses in the state.
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>> we're so excited that on our 30th anniversary we will be married. and how does it change our life? it just unites us completely. we always felt we were married, but now it's legal! >> same-sex marriages won't actually be legal until january 1st. last month maryland, maine and washington became the first states to approve same-sex marriage by popular vote. recreational use of marijuana is legal if washington state, taking effect today. adults are allowed to carry up to an ounce of the drug but stores will not be licensed to sell marijuana for recreational use for another year. colorado passed similar legislation which takes effect next month. both measures are in direct conflict with federal laws which prohibit marijuana use in any state. little chilly out there tonight. apparently there might be some rain coming our way. veronica johnson, how much and when? >> not too concerned about the amount of rain that we're going to get. talking about some light rain for the morning rush.
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what i am concerned with is what that rain is going to do when it makes contact on area roads. take a look at storm team 4 radar behind me, the leading edge coming through west virginia, just a few hours away from hitting western maryland. so by 4:00 a.m. it's here. the air temp now at 30 and 32 degrees already north the pavement temperature at 30 to 35. we could be looking at slick spots with black ice, rain freezing on contact just around 70, 270. more on that in a few. >> thanks, veronica. the world is watching developments out of syria right now to see whether president bashar al assad might use chemical weapons against his own people in a desperate bid to stay in power. nbc news first reported on the u.s. intelligence suggesting that syria's military is loading the components for deadly sairn gas into bombs. hillary clinton met with the foreign minister from russia, sir area's most powerful ally,
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to ramp up diplomatic efforts. nato is moving to put missiles along syria's border with tushgy. news4 has learned that d.c. officials are proposing an unusual trade, offering to support the fbi moving to prince george's county if the redskins would move back to washington. the fbi wants a larger facility than the one on pennsylvania avenue, the one it's been in for many years. d.c. maryland and virginia all battling over who would get the facility. prince george's county would have to allow the redskins to break their lease to move back to the district. county executive rashon baker says he's not in talks to talk about a possible swap. next on news4, toppled trees and damage scattered for miles. see the dramatic video as a tornado touches down in new zealand. a growing mystery after animals were attacked on a local farm. new feature on facebook,
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a rare tornado rolled through new zealand's largest city. three people killed, 250 others or more had to be evacuated from homes. the tornado hit the suburb of auckland today, dozens of buildings destroyed and massive power outages. officials say this is it the deadliest tornado to hit the region in more than 60 years.
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tonight police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a clerk at a motel in wood bridge, virginia. officers went to the econo-lodge again today being looking for sefdz. last night the police said the suspect called the motel clerk claiming to be locked out of his room. as the victim walked over to help, a masked man knocked her unconscious and assaulted her. last month a man was arrested for assaulting a cleaning woman at that hotel. a gaithersburg family is worried that children might be in danger. they woke up this morning to find several of their sheep had been attacked and killed. vets believe it's the work of coyotes or wild dogs. >> i have a child myself, a 10 year old little girl, and we have so many kids in the surrounding area. they all play outside. >> the farm is on woodfield road
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near two residential communities in gaithersburg. despite a lot of damage, nobody hurt when an suv slamded into a strip mall in wheaton p be, maryland. that cart car the twent through the front of a hair salon and check cashing business. it happened this morning, still no word on what caused that crash. kate, the duff duchess of cambridge is back home tonight, resting at kensington palace after spending several days in the hospital. she left in morning with a bouquet of flowers and her husband by her side. doctors gave her orders to rest after being treated for a severe morning sickness. kate managed to smile for the crowd of photographers waiting out front. caught on camera today, prince charles sa he is thrilled to become a grandfather. facebook's newest photo feature is raising concerns over some potentially embarrassing scenarios. the photo sync application will instantly upload any photo you take with your smartphone straight to facebook. those pictures end up on a private photo gallery only you
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can see, then you have the option to make it public. the technology firm data doctors recommends facebook users manually disable the photo sync feature if you're worried about any sensitive pictures from your phone ending up online. two, one! ♪ >> the first family, of course, lighting the national christmas tree tonight down on the elips, the celebration there featured musical talent including baby face and james taylor. mrs. obama read 'twas the night before christmas with modern family star rico rodriguez. the president told the crowd he hopes the season reminds us all about the spirit of brotherhood. also sending out seasons greetings from the white house, bo, the first family dog. this is the official 2012 white
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house holiday card. it's actually a painting of bo. i don't know where they got the snow, certainly not around here. >> a lot of snow! >> painting was done by an artist from iowa who specializes in photo realistic pieces. >> oh! >> even with snow that's not so terribly real. her painting was chosen after the white house invited artists across the country to submit their work for consideration. couldn't have been a couple of years ago because bo wasn't that big last time we had that kind of snow. >> he took the big storm and took bo from now. >> fancy form of photo shop or something. >> exactly. we're not seeing any of that anytime soon, are we? >> no, we're not but we'll see cold move in next week. but for at least the short term i want to tell everybody about the rain. pop out your umbrellas,s get them ready for tomorrow morning. you'll need it.
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we'll see some showers around the area, the other thing, be weather-ready if you're going to be traveling north for anybody in northern montgomery county, howard county, if you're going to be northbound tomorrow, stay weather-ready and beware there could be isolated slick spots on area roads. 44 degrees the high today, again, get ready with your umbrella for tomorrow, the average high 50 degrees. we should be above that tomorrow. then again, some cold air on us for just a day, but we'll start warm up a bit. another warm-up through the weekend be, but the early part of next week we'll have more cold air digging south, and that cold air will start shifting to the east with some staying power. wanted to tell you because i've had so many questions with people asking me, when is it going to get cold around here and stay cold? we've got 30, 32 degrees frederick, maryland, up around gaithersburg, maryland, at 32
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degrees. everywhere else we're pretty much in the mid-30s right now, the exception down around fredericksburg at 34 degrees. but we'll drop those pavement temps, too, so watch out for slick spots on area roads just up to the north tomorrow morning. 40 degrees for a temperature at 9:00 a.m., 11:00 a.m. as we take you through the morning, our rain chances i think will end about 10:00 a.m. or so. you can see the leading edge coming into west virginia, areas of eastern ohio, up here in central pennsylvania some of the high points it will be even more slick. but this rain will last a couple of hours, again, starting about 4:00, 5:00 a.m., ending about 10:00, 11:00 a.m. showers in the morning for your future weather, then we'll get a bit of a break, then mostly cloudy sky for the afternoon tomorrow, notice more rain to the north and west, then it will hang up just to the north of us for friday evening and for saturday morning. still rain chances but i think
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for the most part we'll be dry. there it is, a chance late coming our way, then saturday morning i think some fog with the possibility of some late-day sunshine coming our way. with a southerly wind, that late-day sunshine will help carry temperatures back up into the 60s again on saturday. a little cooler for sunday but, again, some sunshine, too, then some more rain that will be making its way into our area late sunday. rain for the most part on the bookends this weekend, early saturday, sunday. 33 to 38 at the bus stop, cold rain, a chance for black ice so drive safely heading north. we'll be at 50 to 55 tomorrow, cloud cover hanging out, then the weekend from the mid-60s to the mid and upper 50s on sunday as you take a look at monday, i've got rain throughout the day, not just for the morning or the afternoon, our best chance of rain comes monday with a high
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close to 70 degrees. but again, as advertised, we're back down for the mid part of next week, even the end of next week. talking about high temps in the mid to upper 40s. so maybe that would be a good time to get the tree, right? have a cup of hot cocoa. >> sounds good. thanks, veronica. [ telephones ringing ] at chevy's year-end event, we have 11 vehicles that offer an epa-estimated 30 mpg highway or better. yeah?
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hey. hey. where's your suit? oh, it's casual friday. oh. [ male announcer ] chevy's giving more. this holiday season, get a 2013 malibu ls for around $199 per month, or get $1,000 holiday bonus cash.
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it's that time of year when injuries on any team really seem to resonate loudest, right/. >> you know, the redskins really as a whole have actually survived the whole injury bug this year, unlike -- >> careful talking about that. >> they're all healthy, williams in a walking boot after the last game, trent williams nursing a thigh injury, but both practiced
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today, good to go against the ravens. london fletcher missed practice but always ready to go. sunday's game against the ravens will be london's 237th straight game, a modern-day miracle. the skins will need london at middle linebacker with ray rice coming to fedex field. rice has been one of the best running backs in the nfl over the last four years. not only can he run it, but rice is the ravens' second leading receiver this season. the skins know they don't stop the ravens wouithout stopping rice. >> they're a team that can get away from you fast if you let them establish the run early in the game. so to beat those guys you obviously have to stop the run. ray rice one of the best backs in the league comie ing behind of the best offense in the league. >> he's a great running back, can catch balls. 's the first guy to stop. if we want a chance, we can't let them have success, be
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balanced, running the ball or they'll keep us on our heels all night. >> the redskins haven't done very well against the pass this year, but against the run they're actually onest best defenses in the nfl. that bodes well for them on sunday. >> they're going to need him. that run he made a couple of weeks ago for that first down, that had to be one of the best runs of the year. >> ray rice? >> yes. >> yeah. he just has that low center of gravi gravity, those big legs. >> he'll hit you, too. >> he's not -- you don't want to be the safety coming to him. >> he'll get you back. >> pf you know who else you don't want to be? a hockey player in the nhl. for three day it's looked like the nhl and players association were actually making roe gres toward ending the lockout and bringing hockey back for us to enjoy. but tonight everything blew up. the league left a voice mail message for union cef donald fehr being a voice mail message, saying the latest offer wasn't acceptable. so no the capitals won't be here, but we do have the hershey
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bears hockey team to enjoy, braden holtby getting ready in a familiar dressing room, this time in net for hershey. taking on norfolk, ahead to mcmillan be, mcmillan will beat hotel by glove side. admirals a 1-0 start. hotel b holtby, look at that, beautiful one-timer. hershey takes the lead and holds on for the 2-1 win. pretty good crowd at verizon center for a little hockey. maybe hershey will have to come back every week or so just to get our hockey fix. to college park for some ladies hoops. little one enjoying the show as the terps hosted virginia. second half, virginia's randolph stripped by thomas. thomas going coast to coast for the strong finish. take another look. thomas, 20 points. give me that ball and i'm going
11:28 pm
the distance. 20 points, 11 rebounds, terps a 51-23 lead. later virginia on a 16-2 run, patten gets the steal, ahead to raton, up and in, the terps begin their defense of the acc begin their defense of the acc title,
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you might not believe this,
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but there are people who are anxious, jumping at the chance, to smell like pizza. here it is, pizza hut canada debuted a limited edition scent called -- >> stop it! >> i swear. the company describes it as, their words, notes of freshly baked hand-tossed dough. the idea came from facebook after pizza hut asked fans what they'd call a fresh pizza fragrance p. just 110 bottle were made and given to the first facebook fans who asked for th
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- from "the o'reilly factor." bill o'reilly,


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